Bitts Development



A showcase site for one of YouTube's most popular entertainers


As a long time fan of this of this youtube series, it was a great honor to work with Joey Sciarrone, also known as PokeaimMD on YouTube. This website is a strong example for my portfolio because its existence as a brochure site helps tackle some problems his platform was facing. Having a strong YouTube presence is only one aspect to being a popular entertainer. With this project we successfully linked his merchandise section, a biography section, as well as his social media and account.

Alpha Project

A customizable blog for everyone.


The Alpha Project is a final group work project for the Advanced Web Applications course offered at Humber College. The challenge was to built a blogging platform where anyone could contribute. Although the scale of this project is large, navigating it doesn't give you that feeling. By using streamlined architecture and implementation, even our large projects load quickly.

Teamwork Sport

A Destination Site for a local Uniform Distributor


This project was done for a local business. Teamwork Sport does embroidery and resale of stock uniforms and equipment. The design for this website is clean and professional, however still focuses on the community aspect that Teamwork has been contributing to for over 20 years. We organized a section for potential customers to browse the items from wholesalers by their known products, optimizing the business practice.

Bitts Calendar

A Desktop Calendar for personal organization.


The Bitts Calendar is a fully functional online gregorian web calendar. It has the ability to support multiple users with an authentication system. Each user can privately schedule multiple tasks on any day. Each cell of the table is a puzzle piece, tieing back to the red puzzle piece on the Bitts Development logo. The theme for this design is "hobbyist". The illusion is that the calendar is a puzzle being pieced together by diligent and resourceful developer.

Yomi Layers

An exercise in CSS to bring a modern style to an internet article.


This portfolio piece is an exercise in styling content on the web. The article content on this page is originally from David Sirlin, who discusses the game theory of "Yomi", drawing many parallels to Sun Tzu's "The Art of War". This website, like all other projects featured in this portfolio, does not use frameworks. The result is a clearly legible and aesthetically pleasing article, which loads in fractions of a second. In addition, there is an accessible lookup table for definitions referenced in the article.